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What’s In Store

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Enhance the taste of your dishes with purest spices that are free of any extractions or additives. Gift boxes designed and made by the artisans of Kerala.

Comprising of a combination of  spices, packed in boxes and baskets crafted by artisans of Kerala. These classic boxes are a great gifting options. All spices have been hand-picked directly from the farms in its purest unadulterated form. The natural aroma of the spices will leave your senses asking for more. Each set of spice provides several medical benefits that aid in better organ functions, metabolism and digestion

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Made from the finest coconuts using traditional techniques to bring to you the finest coconut oil. Over generations, Coconut oil has been in use for its enhanced flavor and miraculous health benefits. Chakkil Aatiya enna and Urukenna are the oils we provide in elegant and classy packaging. 

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Take your culinary skills a notch higher using our fine range of spices and rich masala blends that enhances the aroma and taste of your dishes. Procured directly from the farms, our finest range of unadulterated aromatic spices and masala will leave your senses asking for more.

Packed and sealed to perfection.



A wide variety of Vinegar like toddy, grape and gooseberry. Prepared using traditional recipe. The unique flavor will be complementing to varied range of cuisine.  Not only does the vinegar bring out the flavor in your master piece but also helps improve digestion.

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Prepared using the  finest coconut oil and traditional  techniques and recipe to recreate the the best hair oils used by our ancestors. Hair oils that helps increase Hair growth and helps in reduce hair fall. The hair oils will cool your head and helps with your sleep.

The hair oils are prepared using Hibiscus, Red sandal wood, Sandal wood, Vetiver, Mailanchi, Curry leaves and others.

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KAATTU THEN (Forest Honey)

Collected from the forests of Idukki and Wayanad is our fine unadulterated honey with minimal processing.  The light color and floral scent flavor is loaded with enzymes and low on glutton content. A great alternative as a sweetener for cooking. Sting less bee's honey is considered medicinal because it collects nectar and pollen from small wild growing plants and trees,

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