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Natural and Pure Spices crafted to perfection

Founded in the state of Kerala famous for its vast production and export of variety of spices, Exotic Spices aims to bring the finest quality of freshly home-ground spices to every household. Sourced directly from the local farmers and ground at home by a team of housewives, Exotic Spices stands for quality, value and ethics. Products are packaged in traditional Kerala inspired packages that ensure the original flavor and aroma are completely intact before sealing.


Healthy. Hand Picked. Home Made.

Exotic Spices, a venture started by Philo John aims to bring homemade spices to every household.

Through this venture she wishes to help the local farmers and local bamboo weavers . Her understanding of flavors made her a popular cook among her friends and family. Seeing that homemade spices are now a scarce, her venture goes back to the roots of creating ground spices at home. We stock aged vinegar made at home especially for pickles, traditional Kerala Chakkil Aatyiyaa Enna (Coconut Oil), Uruk enna (Virgin Coconut Oil) and lots more. Supported by a team of housewives, she handpicks spices directly from the farmers to create flavors that are reminiscent of the conventional style of grinding spices. Adhering to quality, ethics and value, Exotic Spices promises to deliver the real taste of spices from Kerala keeping tight all its flavor and essence .

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Exotic Spices is a venture that wishes to develop along with the community and grow as a community.

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