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The base of Indian cuisine is spices. We provide the highest quality of spices to help enhance the aroma and taste of your dishes . Sourced directly from our farmers in Idukki and Wayanad, we ensure that our products are free from any forms of extractions, preservatives or adulterations. This traditional complex blend of spices will help you create a mouth watering dish every single time.

Exotic Spices Vindaloo Masala

PriceFrom ₹57.00
  • Ingredients

    1Kg Meat of your choice,cut into cubes

    4 medium sized Tomato

    4 medium sized Onion

    1 tsp Ginger garlic paste

    4 tbsp Exotic Spices Vindaloo Masala

    4 tbsp Exotic spices Red chilli powder (to taste)

    4tbs Exotic Spices Kashmiri chilli (to taste)

    1 tsp Mustard

    5 tbsp Exotic Spices Toddy vinegar

    3 tbs Exotic spices Chakil aatiya enna (Coconut oil)

    Salt to taste



    • Make a fine puree of 6 onion, 6 tomato and ginger garlic paste in a blender.
    • Add oil into a hot pot add mustard seeds and allow it to crackle.
    • Reduce the flame, add 2 tbs Exotic Spices chili powder, 4tbs Exotic Spices Kashmiri chilli powder, 4 tbs Exotic Spices vindaloo masala, salt,and sauté.
    • Add 5tbsp of Exotic spices Toddy vinegar sauté till the mixture turns red in color
    • Without adding any water add the puree to the pot and mix well.
    •  Once the mixture starts to boil, simmer and add 1kg meat and cover it with a lid.
    •  Continuously stir the mixture and cook for an hour.
    • Serve hot with some hot appams or roti

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